Monday, January 11, 2010

A Weak Week

The last week has not gone so well, my goal was broken the very next day. I had a messy kitchen, was not feeling well, and was behind on homework so I took the easy way out and let the Mister grab some pizzas from Little Caesars.

But wait.

That was not the end of my goal breaking, we have had take out a total of at least four times since I made that goal. All accompanied with excuses of course, like getting alone time with my youngest daughter, not having time to cook because of errands, and of course the messy kitchen, feeling ill, and homework topped the list of excuses.

The kitchen remained messy until yesterday, work still needs done but it is not the disaster it once was. All sorts of excuses can be made but when you get right down to the heart of the matter, we were just being lazy. And being lazy has cost us because we all know that take out is not cheap, or healthy. A messy kitchen can get expensive folks!

So chicken sits in a sink full of hot water because I forgot to pull it from the freezer in the morning and I am determined not to make any more excuses ... we are eating a home cooked meal tonight!


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