Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Shopping We Shall Go!

I will apologize now for not having pictures, we hurriedly put our loot away so we could get dinner going.

We started today's rounds with a fresh brewed sweet tea from McDonald's for $1.00. They were pretty good but tasted very sweetened, which is great for the Mister and his hypoglycemia; however not so much for me and my diabetes so I might pay the 79¢ extra next time and stick with a Diet Dr.Pepper.

Hydrated and ready we begin our rounds! Shopping for sales and what we need has become slightly more complicated as we have started to ban certain ingredients. We have started paying attention to more than just the nutrition facts and are now watching the ingredients list as well. We are not wanting anything hydrogenated or enriched, one clogs your arteries and the other is stripped of all its nutrients (and often is bleached in the process, eww)!

At Albertsons we only purchased 8 bags of pasta for 88¢ each, 1 bottle of ketchup for $1.00, 1 can of refried beans for $1.00, and 2 candy bars for 50¢ each. The candy bars were purchased so that my husband didn't end up crashing to the floor again from extremely low blood sugar.
SAVINGS: $5.98
COUPONS: $4.96
TOTAL OOP: $10.04

Then to Rosauers where we purchased 4 bags of salad mix for 99¢ each, 4 loaves of bread for 89¢ each, and a 6 pack of Dos Equis for Cinco De Mayo celebration!
SAVINGS: $6.96
TOTAL OOP: $14.51

Quick break to pick up the girlies from Girl Scouts

Now back to our regularly scheduled program, with a trip to Super 1. Our purchases included: 6 tomatoes for $1.52, 8 yogurts for 44¢ each, 2 containers of Silk milk for $2.99 each, 4 packages of hot dog buns for $1.19 each, and 1 package of tortillas for $3.28. *The tortillas were super cheap all over town today; however we could only find non-hydrogenatad AND non-enriched here for quite a bit more ... a price we are willing to pay to eat healthier.
COUPONS: $1.00
TOTAL OOP: $19.02

Then finally to our last stop,Smith's (Kroger). Here we purchased: 2 jars of salsa for $1.54 each, a gallon of milk for $2.59, tub of sour cream for 99¢, bananas for $1.46, green pepper for 69¢, cilantro for 69¢, onion for 25¢, and 4 bags of tortilla chips for 99¢ each.
SAVINGS: $5.24
TOTAL OOP: $13.71

Finally, onward home to make our Cinco De Mayo dinner!


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