Monday, March 2, 2009

Our Almost Free Shopping Trip

I spent the day today matching coupons and sales to five different stores, planning a return, a trip to the craft store, and mapping our route. In the end I threw in the towel and decided to send hubby out to get just the three things on his list: coffee filters, silk milk, and kitty food.

Then I added the free movies to his list and that began my change of mind. I remembered I would need girly products soon and I probably should go out to get them sooner than later. I then remembered the $10 off coupon at Albertson's that would soon expire, then of course saw the free sub at Quiznos coupon that expired today! So there it was, I was going but with a much smaller list.

Cost of Items Pictured: $10.47

At Albertson's we bought:
2 Digiorno For One Pizzas
Welch's Grape Jelly
Macaroni & Cheese
Nestle Ready To Bake Cookies
4 Zone Perfect bars
3 Pringles
Can Of Chunk Chicken

Number of Items: 13
Subtotal: $27.27
Sales Subtotal: $16.99
Coupons Used: $10 Off, $1.00 Off Nestle Cookies, Buy One Get Three Free Zone Bars, and Free Can of Chunk Chicken
Paid: 50¢

We then ventured on to Walmart where we got: two bags of kitty food for 18¢ each, two Zone Perfect bars for 48¢ each, and my girly products for 4.47.
Total Paid: $5.79 ~ Total Saved with Coupons: $9.96

On to Quiznos for the free sub! The hubby decided it smelled so good in there and my sandwich looked so yummy that he HAD to order one as well.
Total Paid: $4.39 ~ Total Saved with Coupons: $4.39

Since Target had the kitty food hubby was really after, and his Silk milk was on sale and on coupon there, we finally went to Target before heading home. Later I was able to talk him out of the $14 kitty food since we just got 7 pounds for 36¢. Here we got silk milk for $2.44, coffee filters for $1.74, and Suave shower gel for 30¢.
Total Paid: $4.18 ~ Total Saved with Coupons:$1.50

Finally I caved and had the Mister swing by McDonald's for $1 Diet Dr.Pepper. He decided he wanted one as well so it came to $2.00 and finally we came home, enjoyed our savings, our sodas, and put up our feet to watch our free Redbox movies!


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